Propositions C and D: Medical Marijuana Regulation and Taxation and Protest Against Citizen United Pass With Large Majorities


Of the other things of interest up for vote were two propositions. Proposition C, relating to the controversial Citizens United Supreme Court case, and Proposition D, the most prominent of several measure to regulate and tax medical marijuana dispensaries.

Both passed with overwhelming support, Proposition C passed 76.56% to 23.43% while Proposition D passed 62.57% to 37.42%.

Proposition C is a non-binding measure that serves functionally as a citywide protest against the Citizens United case. The organizers plan to introduce it at the state level in order to join the growing number of states, such as Colorado and Montana, who disapprove of the decision and want to force Congress to act because popular outcry by passing a constitutional amendment nullifying the decision.

Proposition D was the most notable of several measure on the ballot. It sought to limit the number of dispensaries to 135 and increase taxes of dispensaries by 20%. Currently there are over 1,700 medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.