25 Best Weiner Jokes On Twitter


If you haven't heard by now, former democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner has officially announced his bid for mayor to the collective groan of New Yorkers everywhere. Weiner made the announcement on his website late Tuesday evening with a video. Ah, who can forget the uncomfortably tight grey shorts shot, or the awkward pectoral pic? No one, that's who. This is the moment Twitter has been waiting for all along. It's the kind of thing that Twitter was built for. So today, we honor some of the best Weiner jokes from Twitter.

1. I thought last time was the last time

2. Hey, at least it will give that crack-smoking mayor a break ...

3. Polls rising

4. Burn.

5. This just in

6. Not as hard as he thinks though

7. I'm sure he already knows

8. When your name is also your crime

9. Rears its head

10. Thrust the other way, will you?

11. Better wear protection

12. I doubt that

13. Ego's, and jerks, and Weiners, oh my!

14. It's a very common problem

15. That's not the word I would use for it

16. Highly unlikely

17. Fine, but I still have work in the morning

18. Sir, Chicago's weiners are of the finest quality

19. Imagine that

20. Don't open it, it's probably NSFW

21. We were hoping for a different head shot

22. High School Musical auditions

23. I'd rather walk

24. Who hasn't seen it at this point?

25. Slow clap.