Douglas Shulman: IRS Chief May Have Conspired With Easter Bunny


Former IRS chief Douglas Shulman, who was acting commissioner during the time the IRS singled out conservative groups for extra scrutiny, went before Congress Wednesday to answer some tough questions about what he and the White House knew about the improper targeting. The House Oversight Committee and Senate Finance Committee are both investigating how high up the scandal goes. The questions asked were quite direct, aiming to establish a set of facts and relationships. The House Oversight Committee was particularly interested in Shulman’s relationship with the White House, and it is fair to say they’ve cracked the case.

When asked why he visited the White House 118 times, Shulman was unable to withstand the pressure of the meeting and admitted to having attended the Easter Egg Roll with his kids. With this shocking development, the Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Connolly was sure to remind Shulman that he was under oath. The line of questioning that will follow is bound to be grueling. @jpodhoretz tweeted that the committee needs to ask all the tough questions: “Please list all the Easter eggs you rolled, the boards on which the eggs sat, relatives of the eggs and the boards on which they served?”

We are still waiting for a comment from the Easter Bunny whole role in the controversy remains unknown.