Wolf Blitzer Asked An Atheist If She "Thanks the Lord." Watch What Happened Next


Wolf Blitzer approaches reporting with a reckless abandon that most of us only dream of. His laissez faire style of questioning has resulted in some real gems over the years. The lack of tonal differences between his skin color and beard color, make Wolf Blitzer one of the best bearded gentlemen on TV today. 

Wolf was down in Oklahoma covering the damage caused by the EF5 tornado that struck the town of Moore on Monday. Amid the destruction and rubble of homes he stood there with a young woman clutching a child. This is the kind of interview people like Blitzer wait for their entire lives.

The woman's name is Rebecca and she and her 19-month-old son narrowly escaped their home before the tornado decimated it. Wolf was asking her some rather routine questions about how she and her son managed to survive unharmed in such a destructive storm. CNN's "assumption as truth" style of reporting rears its ugly head again near the end of the inteview. 

“You’re blessed. Brian, your husband is blessed. Anders is blessed … I guess you got to thank the lord, right?”

When the woman shrugged off the question, he repeated it, asking, “Do you thank the lord for that split-second decision?”

“I–I’m actually an atheist,” she responded. After the awkward laughter that followed, she added, “We are here and you know, I don’t blame anybody for thanking the lord.”

Of course not,” Blitzer replied.

Here's the video, courtesy of Mediaite: 

As Salon points out, one in five Americans identifies as Atheist and nearly one third of all people under 30 declare no religious affiliation. It would probably be best for Blitzer and all media outlets to leave the lord out of reporting.