Why Isn't Fox News Commentator Eric Bolling Being Fired For His "Crack Pipe" Comment?


Recently Fox News has been on even more of a crusade against the Democratic Party than usual. In not disciplining an on-air personality who suggested that a black congresswoman “step away from the crack pipe,” the conservative, liberal bashing network has finally proven that it cares more about ratings than integrity.

Fox News host Eric Bolling is no stranger to controversy, each incident worse than the last. In his latest tirade he called House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) “demons” and compared Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) to Whitney Houston by calling her a crack head, generating even more controversy.

Bolling said after the commercial break that he was just kidding, but never directly apologized. To date, Fox News has taken no action against him. 

In contrast CNN has suspended on-air personalities for far less, including remarks on Twitter. Fox News is silent on this issue while people continue to tune in to see what Bolling will say next.

When former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez claimed that Jon Stewart was a bigot and said Jews run the media, everyone jumped all over him. With his history of questionable remarks, CNN had no choice but to fire him. What he said was in poor taste and likely out of frustration, but he still never said “You saw what happened to Whitney Houston, step away from the crack pipe” to a sitting congresswoman who happened to be both black and female.

Reaching even further into the depths of integral irrelevancy, Fox personalities are now calling the unemployment numbers put out by the Department of Labor into question. Anchor Brian Kilmeade recently said, “What does the good economic news, if you believe these numbers, mean for President Obama?” Kilmeade never elaborated on that statement, he just threw it out there. What happened to journalistic integrity? Is it not a pre-requisite to work at the nation’s highest rated cable news channel?

It would take too much time to compile a list of the race baiting remarks made by Fox News, but some of the highlights include calling Elie Weisel a “Holocaust Winner,” Glenn Beck calling president Obama racist and Bolling saying that president Obama was “chugging 40s” in Ireland.

Fox News head Roger Ailes is a smart man. He knows that controversial personalities will create higher ratings. Having people who routinely say racially insensitive things seems to be the modus operandi for the Foxies. If Ailes cared at all about journalistic integrity he would discipline his on air talent, instead he is content to sit back and watch his channel continue to lead the pack.

Photo Credit: Richard Winchell