Obama Counterterrorism Speech LIVESTREAM: Will Obama Close Guantanamo?


President Obama is expected to announce the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison as part of his speech to the National Defense University on U.S. counter-terrorism.

No, this is not 2008 again.

Even though it is widely expected that the bulk of the speech will center around the controversial drone program, President Obama will likely address the ongoing crisis of hunger-striking prisoners at Guantanamo and explain a strategy for closing the prison.

He first announced that he would shutter the prison in accordance with Geneva conventions back in 2007, and also signed his first executive order as President in 2009 announcing the closing of the facility "within one year":

"This is me following through on not just a commitment I made during the campaign, but I think an understanding that dates back to our founding fathers, that we are willing to observe core standards of conduct, not just when it's easy, but also when it's hard."

Those words now seem hollow given the horrors of the prison that have recently come to light because of the prisoners striking since March.