Hulk Hogan Has a New Career As a Weather Reporter


Weathermen have always gotten a bad rap. If I’m promised sunny skies and then Mother Nature unleashes a torrent of rain, you’ll certainly find me sharpening my pitchfork. So what does the Morning Show in Tampa, Florida do to rekindle our love for the local meteorologist? Bring in Hulk Hogan, of course.

And I am so much more informed now that he's doing the weather. Not only do I know the five-day forecast (it will be so sunny you should wear your sunglasses inside), but I have firsthand knowledge that Hogan’s biceps are roughly the size of weatherman Bobby Deskin’s head.

I’m not sure when the champion wrestler last put down the weights to actually watch the weather, but someone should probably tell him it doesn’t have the highest viewership. He kept trying to plug TNA Impact Wrestling and the Hogan Beach Restaurant. Maybe there are betters methods of advertising?

Apparently, I am one of the few who doesn’t watch the weather with the express purpose of seeing my celebrity idol imitate an incoming cold front. Believe it or not, Hogan is part of a long line of celebrities whose immense stardom brought them to this pinnacle of fame. He shares the green screen with Mark Wahlberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Metta World Peace, and more. Any celebrity who tells you the peak of their career was winning an Oscar is blatantly lying — it’s obviously doing the weather.