E.W. Jackson: Virginia's Newest GOP Candidate Thinks Gays Are 'Ikky'


The newly selected Republican candidate for the position of Virginia lieutenant governor is E.W. Jackson, a minister who was nominated on Saturday by the state party. He's never won any election or had any kind of success in politics before, but that hasn't stopped him from aggressively peddling his particular brand of homophobia/Islamophobia/Obamaphobia.

MotherJones let us know about this gem. The Republican nominee apparently has plenty of experience making these kinds of comments. In 2009 he claimed that homosexuality was a religion based on virulent anti-Christian bigotry. He then claimed that those who followed the “homosexual religion” threatened him. Though he did not make clear what kind of threats he received. 

Bishop Jackson’s particular brand of hatred is readily available to any person willing to sort through his 662 Tweets. His campaign website has been sterilized with the deft hand of someone who knows the words "ikky" and "homosexual religion" probably won't curry many votes. Jackson has had a hard time of it lately, as he made news again for calling the Three-Fifths Compromise an "anti-slavery amendment."  

Here are some of the most offensive tweets, this is by no means all of them: 

Jackson Tweets from a different account now, @Jackson4VA. There, you can get all of your up-to-date information on everything the gays and Obama are doing to destroy America. Jackson campaigns under the slogan "Inspire and unite." Yes, because nothing inspires more than  vitriol and hatred. Here is on the Victoria Jackson Show illustrating just how great he would be at "uniting" America.