Glenn Beck Will Save Us All From CNN's Secret Atheist Scheme


CNN might have thought it was just covering the Oklahama tornadoes, but according to Glenn Beck, the channel was also trying to indoctrinate Americans with atheism.

It began with an innocent question. Wolf Blitzer asked an Oklahoma tornado survivor if she "thanked the Lord" for her survival. The woman, who escaped with her 19-month-old son, initially didn't answer the question. When Blitzer repeated the question, the woman replied that she was an atheist.

After an awkward moment, she added, "We are here, and you know, I don't blame anybody for thanking the Lord."

An innocent mistake? Not so fast. Glenn Beck stated on Tuesday night that he believes "some producer" at CNN fed Blitzer false information about the woman in order to expose her as an atheist and make watchers think atheism was widespread in the American heartland.

The survivor, Rebecca Vitsmun, recieved praise on Twitter, and some even called her a hero. However, that didn't stop right-wing pundit Beck for implicating her in the spread of atheism across America.

Beck called Blitzer a "good man" and a "religious man" but said the quotation "seemed forced." "I'm a believer and I wouldn't ask the question that way," he said.

Others have pointed out that Blitzer has a history of creating awkward moments on screen.

 Not sure what to think? Watch the clip for yourself: