Andrew Breitbart, S. E. Cupp and the Top Political Firebrands to Follow On Twitter In 2012


As President Barack Obama and Republicans go toe to toe from health care mandates and contraception to the recently unveiled $3.8 billion budget, here’s a list of five blunt and buzz-worthy political firebrands who (love them or hate them) will shape politics in 2012 and beyond. Follow and retweet:

5. Andrew Breitbart (@andrewbreitbart): Known for his outrageous rants (he called Occupy protesters “filthy freaks” at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference), the founder of conservative blog is in a quest to uncover supposedly corrupt progressive political activists via dubiously shot and edited video, such as in the 2009 Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now’s alleged prostitution scandal. Instead, the controversial blogger exposed former Representative Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) “sexting” scandal by publishing what turned out to be one of several sexually explicit self-portraits that the congressman shared online with female admirers.

4. Markos Moulitsas (@markos): The founder of progressive blog Daily Kos jumped to notoriety in 2008 when he accused then-Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) of “fomenting civil war” as she contested a heated Democratic presidential primary with then-Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.). Recently, Kos (as also known by his former military nickname) created controversy among fellow Democrats by suggesting them to vote for Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum in open GOP presidential primaries in order to sabotage Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney’s path to the nomination.   

3. S. E. Cupp (@secupp): The conservative political commentator, and author of Why You’re Wrong About the Right and Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attacks on Christianity, can be seen as a guest in CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC as well as during her own eponymous show on Glenn Beck’s GBTV. At this year’s CPAC, S. E. “Sarah Elizabeth” Cupp highlighted what she defined as a “revolutionary idea for conservatives,” the notion that “economic issues are also moral issues" and that "moral decisions have economic consequences.”

2. Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox): The founding editor of left-leaning political blog Wonkette gained notoriety by exposing Jessica “Washingtonienne” Cutler, a staff assistant to former Senator Mike DeWine (R-Ohio), who allegedly accepted money from a George W. Bush administration official in exchange for sexual favors. Cox, who can be seen at MSNBC and is also the Washington correspondent for GQ magazine and the lead U.S. politics blogger for British newspaper The Guardian, recently compared Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to an iPhone “in sleep mode” as his supposedly superb campaign has struggled more than expected to wrap up the GOP nomination.

1. Ronan Farrow (@ronanfarrow): At 24, Ronan Farrow is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues. As a human rights diplomat and writer, Farrow (who is the son of film director Woody Allen and actress Mia Farrow) worked with UNICEF in Darfur’s refugee camps and has been a vocal critic of China’s investments in Africa, exposing the rising superpower’s alleged arming of the Sudanese government during the brutal attacks in Darfur. He’s written for the Los Angeles Times, the International Herald Tribune and The Wall Street Journal among other prestigious publications. Farrow is one the most accomplished American millennials as he was accepted at age 11 by Bard College and at age 16 by Yale University.     

What other twitter political firebrands would you recommend?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons