Arrested Development Netflix Season: Unleash Your Inner Lucille Bluth With This Drinking Game


The long wait is finally over. The Bluths are back in all their chicken-dancing glory. What better way to celebrate their return than with a tailor-made drinking game? If you follow these instructions, you'll be feeling as good as Lucille after her third morning martini. 

Step 1

Choose a few main characters and follow their drinking instructions.

Step 2 

Follow the instructions for group drinking at the bottom of the article.

Step 3

No touching!!


One Sip - "Hey, Brother."

Two Sips - He drinks juice

CHUG - Gives someone a massage.


One Sip - Attempts a magic trick.

Two Sips - References his sexcapades.

CHUG - "I've made a huge mistake."


One Sip - Has a drink in her hand.

Two Sips - Critiques Lindsay's appearance.

CHUG - Winks or dances. 


One Sip - Flirts with someone other than Tobias.

Two Sips - Says something that doesn't make sense

CHUG - References a charitable endeavor.


One Sip - Goes on an audition.

Two Sips - Double entendre.

CHUG - Takes a shower.


George Sr.

One Sip - Hits/grabs one of his kids. 

Two Sips - Speaks poorly of Gob.

CHUG - Cornballer is mentioned.


One Sip - Says "family."

Two Sips - Mentions company assets.

CHUG - Speaks to the entire family at once. 

George Michael

One Sip - Reminds his father of something he said.

Two Sips - Wearing a collard shirt.

CHUG - Star Wars Kid video.


One Sip - She mentions her job.

Two Sips - "Marry me." 

CHUG - Has an awkward moment with George Michael. 

Group Sips

- The stair car has a cameo.

- Barry Zuckercorn shows up.

- "No Touching!"

- Chicken dance.

- Celebrity cameo.

- Flashback.

- Security camera footage.

- Someone gets bleeped.

- "Annyong."


- "Footage Not Found."

- Mrs. Featherbottom appears.

- "The Final Countdown" plays.

- "Steve Holt!!"

- Cut off jeans are shown.

- Oscar alludes to being Buster's father.