Liberty is Not For Everyone, Especially For Those In the Muslim World


When one looks at the current situations in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt, it's evident that intervention against secular regimes has brought about a rapid rise in Islamism that was once held in check by secularists such as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Hosni Mubarak. Many attempts were made to portray these conflicts as instances of good vs. evil, or liberty vs. tyranny. None of these conflicts are clear cut in such a manner. Liberty is not for everyone.

In fact, liberty is for the few. Those with intellect, and an understanding of our history are the only ones who will truly appreciate it. As seen time and time again, unless the general populous has intelligence that is far superior than that of most of the world, the liberty given will be abused beyond imagination. That, in turn, will result in the collapse of civilization from within experienced in Western Europe, Latin America, the United States, and Canada. Until mankind comes to the realization that liberty must be controlled, leaders with a vision to bring back the age of Roman republicanism will be required to make a stand not only for western civilization, but for mankind as a whole. This is the only way to ensure that nations in the Middle East, as well as other nations around the globe, do not further deteriorate due to a misuse of liberty.

Throughout the ages, man has struggled between being free and being subservient to those with authority. It is stated by some that liberty is a God-given right. This cannot be further from the truth, for liberty must be controlled by those with legitimate authority granted to them by their ability to control the masses. Any leader who lacks the ability to control those he is entrusted to govern forfeits his own right to control the liberty of the general public at large. Now is no different than the past. It is undoubtedly true that in regards to conflicts that have risen in the Middle East, liberty has exited Pandora's box, though it will soon be put back within once secular leaders arise out of the ashes to crush the Islamists who have distorted the minds of the vast majority of Muslim people.

Those who profess to believe in liberty for the general populace can in no sensible manner claim that the fall of secular regimes in North Africa and West Asia  will bring about more freedom for those who have lived under totalitarian regimes. It is crystal clear that those with any military strength attempting to overthrow such secular regimes currently hold views that are in contradiction with those who believe in freedom to begin with. Therefore, man has a concrete decision to make. If one is to be realistic when it comes to the real world, then it is the responsibility of man to either support the so called totalitarian secular regimes, or the authoritarian Islamists who have no regard for human dignity and profess to believe in a God that has no respect for any liberty at all. Professing to support no side in the matter in turn makes one complicit in the deteriorations of humanity that is now commonplace with the comeback being made by the Islamist factions. This is an intellectual war that must be fought by those of us observing the conflict, though it is the responsibility of those outside the conflict zone to be fundamentally opposed to giving any aid whatsoever to the Islamist terrorists who eat the hearts of those that they kill, along with raping women and beheading innocent civilians who wish not to live under the yoke of Islamofascism.