Moore Tornado: Hate Group's Website Is the Victim Of Serious Pwnage


A hacker has owned (or should we say "pwned") the notoriously bigoted Christian fundamentalist group, the Westboro Baptist Church, following the church's latest disgusting outburst in which it praised God for the devastating tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 people. Westboro even created a website called "God Hates Oklahoma," no doubt filled with a whole lot of homophobic, hateful nonsense about the consequences of refusing to obey their interpretation of God's will. 

While I am always reticent to give more publicity to the idiots whose only goal seems to be to offend as many people as possible, it is always heartwarming to know that there are people out there who take it upon themselves to annoy/embarrass/make fun of the giant group of awful that is the Westboro Baptist Church.

Earlier this week, the International Business Times reported that the original contents of the site were no longer visible to visitors (the link now appears to be dead). Instead, when users first arrived on the site, they were "greeted by a painting of Jesus Christ giving the middle finger, accompanied by the message "Westboro Faptist Church — Even Jesus Hates You."

Below that was a message from the hacker "Jester" that read, "'On the 8th day, God created hackers, and he saw that it was good.' From the Gospel according to @th3j35t3r. Redirecting in 5 seconds......." Users were then redirected to the donation page of the American Red Cross website, which is collecting funds to help with relief efforts in Oklahoma. 

Image credit: The Daily Dot

"Jester," one of the internet's most notorious hackers, also reportedly took down the website of the church for over a month back in 2011. The hackivist group Anonymous has targeted Westboro Baptist Church before, following the group's plans to picket the funerals of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. 

While it is pretty clear that no one is going to change the beliefs of the group anytime soon, hopefully hackers and other activists will continue to do this sort of thing to mess with them and disrupt their hate-filled actions. It is also further evidence of the awesome things that hackers often do, such as the involvement of Anonymous in worldwide protests Saturday against the biotech giant Monsanto.

Hater gonna hate, but hackers gonna hack.