Sweden Riots: Islamism Sends Stockholm Up in Flames


Over the past week, Muslim immigrants have been on the rampage, destroying Swedish businesses, burning vehicles, attacking policemen, and waging a war against Western civilization. This is the breaking point for Sweden, and if the country is to succeed in preserving its liberties, then it must have a complete overhaul of its immigration policies, which have permitted millions of Muslim immigrants into the country — immigrants who have no interest whatsoever in assimilating into Swedish culture.

Rioting began on the May 19 when a Muslim man was gunned down by policeman in Stockholm after he brandished a machete and attempted to kill them. Muslims claimed that this was police brutality, and took the streets to protest. This has resulted in more than 300 cars being burnt by Islamist thugs, and damages are likely to cost billions of dollars. The irony of the situation is that no police brutality occurred whatsoever, for the police had every right to gun down the madman who was attempting to kill them. Nevertheless the fanaticism that has come about due to the killing has reinvigorated those who are fundamentally opposed to mass immigration from Muslim nations. It is well known that Sweden has been a safe haven for those who wish to seek asylum, or simply live off of hard-working people, due to its welfare state that has been taken advantage by those who are lazy and refuse to work. The fact of the matter is that regardless of what occurs, the welfare state will not be abolished, nor should it be, for it has become evident that the welfare system implemented by the Nordic countries has been a tremendous success. The problem is that many of the immigrants, including most of the Muslims, have no interest contributing to society, for they wish to retreat into their slums, live off the state, and attack policeman, ambulances, and anyone else who is not Muslim. 

The line must be drawn, and it is becoming clear that only the Swedish Democrats are willing to stand up for Swedish values in a non-fascist way. Their leader, and member of Parliament, Jimmie Akesson, has made it clear that his nation has an "extreme immigration problem." The only way this will be fixed is by dramatically decreasing the number of immigrants coming in from Muslim nations, and putting an end to the absurd multicultural program being pushed through by the political elite in both Sweden, and the European Union.