March Against Monsanto: Thousands Participate in Global Day Of Protest Against the Biotech Giant


Protests have taken place, or are still taking place, in hundreds of cities around the world as part of a coordinated global day of action against the biotech giant Monsanto and other similar companies (see my preview of the march here). Thousands of people have taken to the streets in an effort to raise awareness of the potential health and environmental risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Monsanto's growing influence in the agricultural industry and its effect on farmers, and the collusion between Monsanto and politicians. The movement is also calling for a global ban on GMOs.

Despite the distinct lack of coverage of the march in much of the mainstream media, there is widespread coverage of the movement on Twitter (under hashtag #MarchAgainstMonsanto) and on some news websites such as Russia Today. Below are some highlights from the protests around the world.

In amazing scenes in Vienna, Austria, several thousand protesters marched against Monsanto:

Thousands also took to the streets in Brisbane, Australia:

Image credit: 57UN

Protesters also took to the streets in Japan:

Image credit: 57UN

People also gathered outside the headquarters of Monsanto in Tokyo, Japan to protest against the destructive influence of the multinational corporation in the global food supply:

Protesters in South Africa:

Image credit: YourAnonNews

Members of the activist group Occupy Food Australia, blocked roads in Melbourne, Australia:

Image credit: Occupy Japan

Protests against Monsanto in Paris, France:

Image credit: 57UN

Image credit: YourAnonNews

Image credit: YourAnonNews

Protesters have also taken to the streets in cities across the United States, including San Diego:

Image credit: Facebook

San Francisco:

Image credit: punkboyinsf

While I was initially dubious about how much traction the protest movement would actually get, so far I have been pretty impressed by how widespread the protests have been and how many people have taken to the streets. I would be out there marching too, if I weren't writing this.

In addition to a global ban on GMOs, the March Against Monsanto movement is also calling for: buying organic produce and boycotting Monsanto-supplied companies (see a list below), labelling foods with GMOs, repealing the relevant provisions of the U.S. "Monsanto Protection Act," and further scientific research into the health affects of GMOs.

Anonymous has tweeted this list of Monsanto-supplied companies, urging people not to buy their products:

Image credit: YourAnonNews

As Occupy Oakland tweeted, the March Against Monsanto is just the beginning:

Let's hope that Occupy is right and that this widespread and growing backlash against the company can be translated into further meaningful political and legal action.

You can follow live updates of the protests here, or on Twitter under the hashtags #MarchAgainstMonsanto and #MAM