Arrested Development Season 4 Release Date: Where to Watch Online


Happy National Arrested Development Day! Netflix is bringing back the beloved show today after the last episode of Season 3 aired seven years ago. The new season is live on Netflix now and the Internet has not broken. Yet.

The show has a rabid following that has grown exponentially since it went was cancelled by Fox in 2006. It is anticipated that Netflix users streaming Arrested Development today will account for more than 5% of all Internet traffic in the United States. Netflix's other original production, House of Cards, has been the most-watched show on the site since its debut but many believe Arrested Development will easily unseat that.

Netflix has been building up the campaign to bring back Arrested Development for a while now. First there were the blue hand prints, then minimal teaser posters, fake movies like Les Cousins Dangereux and Families with Low Self Esteem, Tobias' audition (viral) video, and even a real Bluth Banana Stand.

Netflix has set up an innovating and compelling marketing campaign with these delightful extras, even if you're a purist avoiding all teasers and spoilers about the show. GOB would be proud of the illusions. 

Fans on the Internet have been going crazy in preparation for the show. The lists of long-running jokes have also been getting the web 2.0 treatment with web apps like this neurotically detailed one from NPR, which is great for a refresher before you dive in to the fifteen episodes. This Brooklyn restaurant is even serving an Arrested Development-themed tasting menu today only.

The Ike and Tina Tuna, Plate or Platter looks pretty good.

Very few television shows have the cultural impact that Arrested Development has had after it was cancelled and not while it was on. 

All that said, don't forget to leave a note that you will be out of commission for the next seven to eight hours.