Amanda Bynes Pot Smoking: Why We Should Leave Her Alone


Last month, when asked about a possible drug habit, Amanda Bynes commented that "I don't drink, I'm allergic to alcohol." She then specifically claimed to eschew smoking pot in that same interview. In spite of allegations of her throwing a bong out of her window, Amanda-manda-manda continued her categorical denial of marijuana usage on Twitter. She also claimed the police sexually harassed her and mistreated her in general.

Bong-gate, as some might call it, is hardly the first of a series of questionable (but not necessarily heinous) incidents from the former child star and current tabloid sensation. In this instance, the gawking public was treated to a fairly plain mug shot, pictures of the perp walk, which was also uneventful, and the aforementioned waterpipe. Despite eye witness claims from police, that glass piece — "the smoking bong," so to speak — was never found on the sidewalk.

Individually, any of the acts in recent time are not exactly worthy of all the negative attention. As far as I'm concerned, marijuana and paraphernalia in one's home for personal use is barely worthy of punitive measures in this day and age. Off the record, many New York City police agree. Bynes' shaved head, though reminiscent of a troubled Britney Spears, could be explained by her proclaimed love of rap star Nicki Minaj, who dons wigs for pomp and circumstance. Even the strange faces and salacious pictures on social media are about as common a trend as duck face was on Myspace.

Perhaps her breakdown and subsequent expulsion from gymnastics class is a bit too odd to ignore, but even that is more worthy of worry from a small group than full-scale, nation-wide rubber-necking.

Leave Amada Bynes alone! Do we need another Lohan, or Sheen, or Hilton crowding our national conversation with their supposedly self-destructive but more likely attention-hungry behavior?

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