Arrested Development Season 4 Spoilers: Hints About This Netflix Season


The new season of Arrested Development went live today on Netflix. It could simultaneously be the best and worst of the storied and absurd show but one thing is for certain — this is going to be action- and joke-packed. 

Here are some surprises and jokes most likely to be included in the new season (some spoilers ahead):

1. New Chicken Dances

The chicken dance was one of the best running jokes from the first three seasons. However, not all Bluths have performed their take on the mocking dance.

Lucille, George Sr., Lindsay, and GOB's versions are already well-established but Tobias, Buster, Michael, George Michael, and Maeby have yet to debut their chicken dances. Tobias and Michael have made chicken sounds from the first three seasons, but have not yet done their own versions.

I personally can't wait to see Tobias's. It is sure to be homo-erotically spectacular.

2. GOB's Bees Create a Buzz

Ever since the Magician's Alliance blacklisted GOB he's had a hard time finding ways to make money. This next season is likely to include some more detail on his bee business. 

He seemed so proud of his venture.

3. Famous Guests and Extras

The first three seaons already had a bevy of familiar faces playing the side characters but expect this season to be even more jam-packed.

Kristin Wiig is already reported to play young Lucille (excellent casting) but also reported are Seth Rogen, John Krasinski, Conan O'Brien, Isla Fisher, the Workaholics guys, Ed Helms, Terry Crews, and John Slattery. And those are just the announced guest stars! Expect far more subtle — or not so subtle — surprises as well.

4. Tobias's Acting Career

The world's first analrapist is still trying to make it in the acting "biz." Tobias released his "Insert Me Anywhere" video on his site, giving directors free license to use his likeness in movies. 

So much more ingenuity to come.

5. A More Confident George Michael

Michael Cera told the AV Club that his character, the gawkward George Michael, is likely to be a lot more confident than viewers remember him. In this season it's going to be Michael who is codependent on his son according to Cera, and not the other way around. 

"That’s something you don’t ever really see with [Michael's] character, being vulnerable in that way with his son. It's kind of the one place where he always had the higher ground. And then he's really vulnerable in those moments. It was some really nice acting."

Cannot wait to see George Michael introduce some edge to the whole palette. No word yet of controlled slides on a hog.