No Child Left Behind Has Failed, Time to Transition to No Child Held Back


A subtitle shift in language is a seismic change in No Child Held Back’s approach to education reform. We at NCHB know every school faces unique challenges. We believe every school should have education reform solutions that help every child reach his or her full potential.

No Child Held Back is transforming how we view education reform, with a mission that empowers the following beliefs:

• Education reform is possible

In recent weeks, several of states petitioned the federal government for a waiver from No Child Left Behind’s strict mandates. Under the original NCLB legislation, schools had to ensure all students were proficiency in English and Math by 2014. However, in the years since NCLB was enacted, the initiative has proved difficult, if not impossible, for thousands of schools across the country. Many critics point out NCLB’s one-size fits all approach to education reform is the problem. Eleven states have already successfully petitioned for a waiver from the program, with more to come in the next few weeks.

No Child Held Back was created to provide a comprehensive, yet customizable solution for education reform. NCHB is program designed to attract the best and most motivated educators, teachers and parents. Small cohorts work together to learn about the NCHB philosophy, and select two or three focus areas for their school or district. From parental involvement, to student motivation, to teaching to urban populations, and subject-matter expertise development, NCHB has a variety of programs to choose from to help schools and district get to the next level of performance and achievement.

We at No Child Held Back know that to improve a school, we have to start from where the school is and work toward a mutually agreed upon goal. We start at the beginning, and work toward an end, not the other way around. We work with the tools a school has. We sharpen the focus and knowledge of teachers. We give parents easier access to their children’s schoolwork, as well as advance and remedial course work to help parents help their children succeed. We give students tools that help them learn the way they learn best. Students who want to learn, parents who want to be involved in their children’s education, and teachers and administrators equipped with the right tools and skills to help children succeed.

By shifting focus from a punitive to a positive system, focusing on individualized learning instead of test prep, fostering growth, responsibility, and community, we can achieve the academic superiority our students need and deserve. No Child Held Back endeavors to bring about a paradigm shift in educational philosophy and methodology that enables students and teachers to reach their full potential.

Photo Credit: Obama-Biden Transition Team