Mary Fallin Oklahoma: Governor Demands Quick Action in Relief Efforts


Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin went on Sunday morning talk show outlet to discuss how the federal government has handled the response to the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. First appearing on State of the Union with CNN's Candy Crowley, Fallin said she is growing a little weary of the red bureaucracy. President Obama will be in Oklahoma on Sunday to tour the devastated town and destroyed elementary school. While he is there, Fallin intends on speaking to him about how the federal government can improve their assistance. On CBS's Face the Nation, Fallin said that while she appreciated the president's visit, what the state needs now more than anything is quick and deceive action. 


Fallin has not cited any specific problems in dealing with the government. She spoke highly of the Federal Emergency Management System (FEMA) on CBS. What Fallin is weary of is getting all the relief they need there and keeping that relief coming.

A lot of that relief is dependent upon how swiftly Congress responds. As has been noted, some of Oklahoma's Congressional delegation of Republicans voted against providing relief in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Many of the communities affected by that storm are still trying to pick up the pieces to their lives, still waiting for the aid to come. Republican Representative Michael Grimm from New York spoke with Bloomberg BusinessWeek; "You think the cavalry's coming, and it's going to take a long time because there is a bureaucracy. We certainly haven't done enough, and it certainly is taking too long."

It shouldn't take disasters and tragedies for us to realize that there is a real problem with playing politics with federal disaster aid. Instead of focusing and directing all aid and funds to where its needed most, some Congressional representatives redirected money from Sandy to their home state. In the wake of actual suffering and such destruction, some of our representatives can still find the time to ask "But what's in it for me?" Let's just hope we can expect a little better from our elected officials this time around.