Reddit Wonders If Bestiality is Okay to Imagine

The mainstay topics of Reddit basically stay in step with the internet: atheism, bacon, Kate Upton, and video games are all huge topics of discussion of the web's most popular comment board. However, the Reddit world is being rocked by one Redditor's odd question: "If a person is aroused by the CONCEPT of bestiality (but would never do it in real life), is it immoral if he imagines his girlfriend is a goat during sexual intercourse, if he never tells her?"

Topics of conversation like this are not uncommon, but this particular subreddit inquiry has had staying power on the Reddit main page, which means that it is sharing space with some of the internet's most hotly debated topics. You would not glean this from the comments though; most are quite jocular, like this one from user Nate__ : "This Goat Stuff is being milked for all its worth." However some users' sincerity is hard to gauge, like the long post from Paulvan Rokers that begins with "I usually pretend that my girlfriend is a pineapple when I has sex with her" and then goes into theoretical detail.

Hopefully this is a oddball one-off topic on Reddit, and R/Bestialityimagined will not arise as a result of this.