Obama Impeachment: Articles Of Impeachment Must Be Issued to Recover Faith in Government


In the past few years we have witnessed the worst of government. President Barack Obama now represents a lawless government incapable of any accountability. It's my belief that "Articles of Impeachment" must be brought forward in order to check the executive branch. Congress must make itself relevant again; otherwise no president will fear anything and the executive branch of will become more and more tyrannical.

Here are the reasons articles of impeachment are necessary:

To start, "Fast and Furious," which was the ATF attempt to track straw man purchases back to Mexican drug cartels. This was an epic failure resulting in American deaths. The firearms that killed some of the Americans were straw man purchases set-up by the ATF.  This is one of the grossest misuses of power I have ever been privy to. The ATF still has gone unchecked without any real accountability for its lawbreaking.

During the Obama presidency he has also signed into law the "NDAA." This law is in direct opposition to the Oath that every president and representative takes to the Constitution. This would have been a great opportunity for Obama to regain the American people's trust, but he chose to strengthen the executive branch. This law along with the "Patriot Act" leaves the American citizen at the mercy of the federal government with no place to run. We have witnessed the results of the law being passed with the killing of American citizens overseas.

The Libyan bombing under Obama adds to the count of laws broken by this president. The power to attack another nation and use force must be an agreement between Congress and the president. Libya posed no imminent threat, yet without permission from Congress Obama acted. Libya does not go to long before more attention is drawn to it with the attacks in Benghazi. This scandal has all the makings of people believing the law does not apply to them. So far it does not.

In recent weeks, in addition to the other scandals, I have mentioned we have been so "lucky" to find out more "great" news about our executive branch. The IRS scandal, which is still a hot topic, involved Tea Party groups that were targeted for audit by the IRS because of their political beliefs. Then, not too much later after this news, we learned about the AP scandal. The Justice Department was able to secretly subpoena phone records of journalists bringing into question privacy rights.

The office of the president is supposed to act in accordance to the law. This president seems to exemplify values that are opposed to the law. Keep in mind, that this not an out of the ordinary, but he just seems really opposed to laws and his oath. I, for one, have zero faith that the House of Representatives will do the right thing and issue "Articles of Impeachment." The fact that after we learned about "Fast and Furious" where Americans died and nothing was done only means that our entire federal government is complicit in law breaking. These leaks about abuses of power by the executive branch are just inconveniences that get in the way of progress.