8 Life Lessons We Learned From Chandler Bing


Ms. Chanandler Bong Chandler Bing is our spirit animal. We first met him as a cynical and awkward 25-year-old commitment-phobe. But over the course of the 10 years of Friends, Chandler offered many valuable life lessons for us to follow.

Don't be a transpond-ster. Follow these valuable lessons from Chandler Bing so you too can leave an ass-print on Mt. Everest. Or rent the DVD of people climbing Mt. Everest. And rent Die Hard!

1. Break up with your annoying boy/girlfriend, and never go back.

Via NBC/Tumblr

Oh. My. God. Chandler and Janice were the epitome of the type of relationship people cling to in their twenties: deluded, desperate, and dysfunctional. They were completely mismatched, they didn't really like each other's personalities, and they always found a way to each other when they were feeling lonely.

Theirs was the very model of the relationships we have that we know are not good for us but there isn't really anything better on the immediate horizon. Learn from Chandler's mistake, and end your Janice once and for all. Otherwise 10 years later you might end up having to seduce him/her to avoid being your neighbor.

2. Dance like no one is watching.

Via NBC / Tumblr.

Chandler may not be the most visually appealing dancer, but he definitely has the most fun doing so. His dance moves may not be sexy or even remotely attractive, but he just looks so happy. Why else would he have spurned a whole Tumblr dedicated to him dancing on things?

Follow his clearly joyful example and let loose when the groove strikes you. 

3. Love your looks.

While Ross would spend too much time on his tan or teeth, Chandler just didn't give a shit. He always dressed well enough for himself, but never tried to look snazzier than he needed to. Love the way you look, even if it is like a pretty little girl. But do take care of your oily T-Zone.

4. Smile with your eyes in photos.

If you ever find yourself to be nervous during a photo shoot (like, for your engagement announcement, say), just remember to make your sex face. Or follow Tyra Banks' timeless advice and smile with your eyes. Chandler's mastery of this excellent technique is a reminder for you to have a sexy/smize pose ready for any occasion

5. Get in touch with your feelings.

The earlier seasons showed Chandler's difficulty with accepting his vulnerability. It wasn't until grouchy downstairs neighbor Mr. Heckles died that Chandler finally started top open about his fears and desires from life. Don't be afraid to accept your desperations as long as you don't call Janice.

6. Think about life's deepest mysteries.

If Chandler was one thing he was always inquisitive. Whether trying to cut the tension or just wandering out loud, don't be afraid to ask the tough questions in life. I mean, why did Daffy Duck cover his waist with a towel?

7. Make friends through sarcasm.

You don't have to be the product of divorced parents to perfect the use of sarcasm as your calling card. Chandler always used humor as a defense mechanism, but he managed to make people laugh in the process. Make fun of people and make friends at the same time. It's the best of both worlds.

8. Marry your best friend.

Chandler Bing stopped being the cynical, lonely goof after his tryst with Monica in London. (In London?!!?) His relationship with Monica made him grow up and become the man-child he wanted to be, and Monica loved him for it.

Find the person who will put a turkey on their head to say sorry and put a ring on it.