5 Celebrity Workouts to Get You in Shape This Summer


Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities and star athletes do to stay in shape? Here are the workouts of five incredibly successful actors & athletes to inspire you to achieve the perfect Hollywood body as well.

1. Blake Griffin

When superstar basketball player and Kia spokesperson Blake Griffin pushes it, any normal gym exercise routine will not suffice. A well-developed athlete like him cannot simply happen upon hypertrophy. So, in his rookie year, Blake sought the cruel tutelage of unorthodox trainer Frank Mastrisciano. Mastrisciano deserves his own list article for his legendary credibility and his equally strange reputation. Perhaps to advance his ethos, Mastrisciano has never shown his identity on camera, and prefers to be called “life changer” rather than “strength trainer.”

Mastriciano routinely brought Griffin and other basketball players to a sand dune on a unnamed beach in San Francisco with an incline that was steeper than 45 degrees, and had the NBA star carry sand bags to the top.

2. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez has been keeping up appearances since his breakthrough on Saved By The Bell. That’s over 25 years of consistent peak fitness. How does he do it? While his workout videos indicate a tendency for free-weight cycles with low rest time to produce lean muscle, Lopez actually uses a different approach.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Lopez revealed he uses a more sports-oriented approach to daily fitness. “The trunk of my car is like a gym locker, I keep basketball shoes, a change of clothes, and cleats in there at all times so I never have an excuse not to play sports.” He throws hands in the boxing ring, not to mention dances with stars.

3. Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo is one of those divas that seem impervious to time. Part and parcel to her agelessness is her guru and trainer for the stars, Tracy Anderson. Anderson specializes in a unique method of kickboxing-style training, using no weights, but emphasizing repetition to tone the legs, abs, and glutes.

"She needs to get her exercise in one hour each day,” Anderson says. “30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscular structure.” Anderson also revealed, "We change the workout every 10 workouts. That’s the secret. We can only stay on a movement every 10 days.”

4. Eva Longoria

The Desperate Housewife was an aerobics instructor long before she made it big as an actress, and has developed a fat burning workout that only requires a minimal amount of cardio for a warm up. Longoria likes to place emphasis on compound workouts to do most of the fat-busting, and ultimately, recoup the necessary cardio workout within the static repetitions. Lunges, bosu ball movements, and crunches that are staggered throughout the week get her where she needs to be.

5. Abby Wambach

Wambach is perhaps most famous for heading the U.S. women’s national soccer team to glory with a deft flick of her neck muscles time and time again. It is Wambach’s core strength that allows her to contort her body mid-air with such explosive movement. Wambach favors a physioball workout that emphasizes core, plyometric workouts.