'The Bling Ring' Movie: Where is the Real Life Bling Ring Today?


The infamous “Bling Ring,” as the teens dubbed themselves, finally deserved their comeuppance for the crimes they committed back in 2010.

With the movie The Bling Ring, slated to come out June 14, chronicling the real life story of the teens that ransacked celebrities’ homes, you wonder about the accuracies and truthfulness of Sofia Coppola’s movie.

The movie release dredges up a life that many of the real Bling Ringers have tried to forget. This is what is happening to them today.

Alexis Neiers (played by Emma Watson)

Alexis Neiers served 30 days out of a 180-day sentence after pleading no contest in robbing Orlando Bloom’s house in 2010. Neiers is the most public, with her blog and Twitter account. She states that drugs, sexual abuse, and her parent’s divorce influenced her life choices. Neiers is now married to Evan Haines and has a baby, Harper. Neiers claims that the movie portrayal is inaccurate and only perpetuates our obsession with celebrities’ lives.

Nick Prugo (played by Israel Broussard)

Nick Prugo pleaded no contest to two counts of residential break-ins of Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge, sentenced to 365 days in jail this past April. However, he was released a few days later from his sentencing due to good behavior and work credit. He has declined numerous interviews from the L.A.Times and the Daily Beast. When interviewed initially, Prugo confessed to numerous crimes that the police were unaware of, but has recently reneged that habit, keeping quiet from the press.

Rachel Jungeon Lee (portrayed by Katie Lee)

Rachel Jungeon Lee, the believed ringleader of the gang, served the longest sentence. Pleading no contest for robbing Audrina Patridge’s home and receiving a sentence of 4 years in state prison. Lee served two out of four years, released on good behavior for involvement in a program called Fire Camp, where inmates are trained for disaster relief. When numerous news outlets tried to interview her, she declined to comment. A complete 180 from the ridiculous antics during the heists, Lee acted calm and collected during the robberies.

Tess Taylor (played by Taissa Farmiga)

Tess Taylor, never sentenced for being part of the Bling Ring, was still featured in Sofia’s Coppola’s movie.

Courtney Ames (played by Claire Julien)

Courtney Ames received a sentence of three years probation and received 60 days of community service after pleading no contest for stealing Paris Hilton’s jacket. She received a light sentence due to Brett Goodkins, investigator in the case, not receiving clearance from his superiors. According to her lawyer, she attends Pierce College, trying to avoid the spotlight. She is receiving high marks in her classes.

Brett Goodkin

The L.A. police department detective that majorly helped solve the case of the “Bling Ring,” now has his hands dirtied in the case. Sofia Coppola enlisted him a consultant for the film, offering him $12,500, and he also starred in the film. The problem — he did not receive permission from the LAPD, nor did he inform the DA about his involvement at the time. This served as a potential conflict of interest, due to the fact that Ames, Lopez, and Tamyo’s cases were still happening. Now with the potential loss of his job, he is awaiting his disciplinary actions.

Roy Lopez. Jr.

Roy Lopez pleaded no contest to stealing over $2 million of jewelry from Paris Hilton. He was sentenced to three years of probation and given 100 days of credit for already serving time in jail. He has now since changed his life, moving to Texas at an oil-field job.

Diane Tamayo

Diane Tamayo already had been busted for shoplifting earlier before her involvement with the Bling Ring. She pleaded no contest for residential burglary of Lindsay Lohan, receiving three years probation, 60 days of community service and she already served time in jail. She is working on a career in fitness and nutrition and has apparently “found God...” according to a text message she sent Daily Beast.

Jonathan Ajar (a.k.a “Johnny Danger”)

Not officially dubbed as part of the Bling Ring, Jonathan’s involvement pans out to selling all the loot for cash. He already had a track record of serving 37 months for selling cocaine. He pleaded no contest for selling cocaine, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and one count of receiving stolen property from the Bling Ring. He received three years in jail in 2010 and released since March 2011. Insanely enough, he still parties and shows his swag off on his Instagram. I can’t help but think he is a dumbass.

It shows you that obsession with greed, celebrities’ lives and extravagance can result in negative consequences. I only hope that Coppola’s movie does not perpetuate this obsession, but sheds light on it. I also hope it doesn’t give millennials a negative portrayal, but only time will tell.

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