What Former Presidents Would Have Tweeted on President's Day


If only former presidents would have had the ability to share their deepest feelings in 140 characters or less.

Here's what they would say:


President Buchanan was the only bachelor ever to be president.



President Arthur loved fashion and fine clothes/furniture (he got the White House renovated before he moved in).



President Washington had fake teeth, made of elephant tusk.



JFK had Marilyn Monroe famously sing him happy birthday, and was an infamous womanizer.



President Nixon took a landmark 1972 trip to China, the first to the country in 25 years.



President Ulysses S. Grant once got a $20 speeding ticket on a horse.



President Wilson had a mediocre relationship with David Lloyd George after the 14 points speech.



President Taft was the heaviest president ever (over 300 lbs) and lost a bunch of weight when he became Chief Justice after the presidency.


Photos Courtesy of Max Markham