Jay-Z Illuminati: Epic Publicity Stunt Or Something Darker?


Do you ever wonder why that really talented friend from high school never made it big and you're stuck listening to Rebecca Black every Friday night?  Do you think about why MJ had to leave us so soon? Why do the artists of Daft Punk hide behind robot masks?  Many suspicious music fans are working to link the Illuminati to these and other anomalies in the music industry. Meanwhile, some musicians may be feeding the fire by literally drawing pictures of the devil and other Illuminati symbolism into their own images.  So who started it? No one can tell you.

The accusations about rapper Jay-Z's involvement with the Illuminati are the most solid and well-known. No one (or someone) knows how it all started, but Jay-Z isn't shy about throwing up "the Roc" or spittin' about the devil. On the other hand, he mentions his allegiance to God twice as often. In an interview with Hot 97, HOV denied worshipping the devil or belonging to "some kind of cult". However, he hinted at one thing heavily.  When asked if he was intentionally causing a frenzy he said, "I'm an entertainer at the end of the day. Maybe I'll push your buttons but you know …" So, there is at least this clue that Jay-Z used the images to get attention and continued to ride it when he released "Free Mason" after the interview.

So this glimmer of a fact may lead us to believe that Illuminati references are the new video girls, groping for your attention, selling you something possibly more intriguing and certainly longer-lasting than sex. The way in which an artist uses the conspiracy could serve as vintage intellectual porn. The number of Tumblr sites certainly supports the comparison.

There is an equation for trying the catch the Illuminati with its hands in the cookie jar of the music industry. Try typing it into Google: any musical artist's name + illuminati = hundreds of blog hits. It's maddening to sort through all the photoshopped images and trying to connect the dots. I call it "Six Degrees of Illuminati".  Even the sources for this article are as porous as a sponge. So, it's up to you. Is the Illuminati controlling the music industry or are some artists using an enduring and infamous conspiracy to likewise remain relevant? 

According to its signed artists, "the Roc" represents the diamonds provided by Roc-A-Fella Records. When Jay-Z throws up this gesture is he asking us to consider the all-seeing-eye as the true donor of the diamonds?

Is Justin Timberlake saying "Magic is A-Okay" or "My album was produced by the Illuminati"?

Aretha Franklin: is she reppin' the all-seeing-eye or just suffering from arthritis?