Dutch TV Show Mocks Murder Of British Soldier Lee Rigby in Outrageous Sketch


A Dutch sketch comedy TV show aired a segment parodying the Eurovision song contest, in which the English team is represented by actors waiving bloody knives and cleavers like those used by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in the brutal murder of Lee Rigby last week in the Woolwich neighborhood of London. 

At the end of the video, host Langs De Leeuw, who controversially sucked milk from a mother’s breast last week on his TV show, is seen laughing at and applauding the sketch, which was screened on Holland’s VARA channel. Afterward, his brother Paul can be seen laughing at the skit. Last week, Paul de Leeuw made headlines after drinking a woman's breast milk on television. 

The audience gasps at the reference, and across Holland many viewers were outraged.

One viewer said: "For almost €400,000 a year, Paul de Leeuw makes fun of the killing of Lee Rigby."

Another wrote: "Someone killed with a machete is not, I repeat not, funny."

SAS hero Andy McNab said: “They [the Dutch] are as furious as people in Britain would be. Those responsible are idiots. This was a cheap shot and it wasn’t funny.”