Accidental Patriotism Ends A Baseball Argument — Why Can't This Happen In Politics?


At least some people are still united by America.

Fans of the Memorial Day weekend’s Red Sox versus Indians game witnessed an accidental act of patriotism when an argument between an umpire, Michael Bourn, and Terry Francona was paused due to the playing of “God Bless America.”

While the three were going at it after Cleveland’s outfielder Michael Bourn was thrown out after stealing which brought an end to the top of the seventh, “God Bless America” began to fill Fenway Park as scheduled.

Umpire Tom Hallion recounted Francona saying, “I came out here to yell at you and now I’ve got to honor America with you.”

Maybe we should attempt the same thing in politics. I can already see it now, next time a senator is insulting a colleague on the other side of the aisle, the room can be filled with patriot music. 

That is, of course, unless people protest that the song contains talk of God and thus the song will spur on further argument.

Oh well, at least it worked in this case.

Regardless, I’m thinking I’ll keep a link to the song ready to be pasted along with my PolicyMic comments.