10 Most Awesome Characters On TV Right Now


There are a whole lot of awesome characters in the television world right now. 

Part of my criteria for being awesome is that the character has a unique personality, classiness (for Hannibal, that is attire, for Daryl Dixon, that is grace with a crossbow), bad-assery, and a lack of cheesiness. 

Remember, the protagonist is not always the most awesome character — I mean, come on, Oliva Pope is not cooler than Huck...

Feel free to comment with other contenders, but you will probably be wrong.

These, my friends, are the ten most awesome of them all:


1. Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead

One of the most inspiring meme/posters that I have seen is one that reads, “If Daryl dies, we riot.” Daryl has a fine mix of a good heart with a brute warrior sense about him. He can comfort the widowed childless woman while also kicking zombie and/or human ass and taking names. I would much rather face a wild pack of zombies than be near Daryl’s crossbow. 

2. Huck of Scandal

Huck is mysterious, semi-crazy, and an all around devoted gladiator-in-whatever-kind-of-clothes-it-is-that-he-typically-wears. Huck’s conscience drives him past the brink of insanity and yet the writers of the show have somehow found a way to make every transgression of his necessary to further the cause of his unquestionable boss, Oliva Pope. 

3. Hank Moody of Californication

Hank is an excellent example of a likeable asshole. He is a horrible, immoral, and quite a repulsive human being, but yet I just want to have a beer with him. He exhibits an unprecedented level of poetic and beautiful language (if vulgarity is to be included within beautiful language, that is). 

4. Hannibal Lecter of Hannibal

Once you get over the sickening acts committed by the cannibal, he soon appears to be as classy of a serial killer as one could get. Similar to the horrible mind-game played upon us by the writers of Dexter, you begin to develop a liking for this beautifully dressed demon. What is wrong with these people to make such a horrible character so damn likeable? 

5. Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones

Not only does this true badass free a slave army and wield the power of dragons, she also is a strategy master with an unseen level of courage and luck. I wouldn’t dare try a blond joke on her. 

6. Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother

The word awesome has no meaning aside from Mr. Stinson. Without his guidance in “The Bro Code,” "The Playbook," and the endless truths shared in all eight seasons, I would have no form-of-awesomeness with which to identify the instances of it that I encounter in each of these other characters. 

7. Chibs Telford of Sons of Anarchy

Loyal, Scottish, and hardcore is how I would classify this motorcycle gangster. I don’t quite know what it is about him — maybe it’s purely his accent (I’m a sucker for cool accents). He sticks by Jax’s side and remains to be a good semi-rational (well, at least as motorcycle gangsters go) and solid Sergeant-at-Arms.

8. Lagertha of Vikings

Friends, this shield-maiden Viking lady charged into the raiding party of a monastery with a hoard of brutal barbarians. Not to mention, her choice of weapon is actually a defensive weapon, the shield. She embodies grace, strength, a sharp mind, and an unwillingness to let adventure occur without being on the front lines. 

9. Charlie Kelly of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Two words, “rat stick.” He likes milk steak. He thinks wearing a checkered hat and smoking a pipe makes you sexy and enjoys playing night crawlers with his adult roommate. His favorite hobby is “magnets.” He is the brilliant mind behind "kitten mittens." Despite the fact that most of these things wouldn’t commonly make sense, they all do in some odd way. I mean, I like milk and I like steak, maybe I would like milk steak. Magnets are cool and night crawlers sounds fun. Also, I think a Sherlock Holmes look would certainly help one pick up some chicks, yea?

10. Nolan Ross of Revenge

NolCorp: the single most awesome name for a highly successful company (aside from RobbyCorp, of course). He is hopelessly devoted to his frighteningly hell-bent-on-revenge friend Emily/Amanda. He is brilliant, charmingly egotistical, and has an oddly awesome way of speaking.