Obama Goes 0-For-5 At New Jersey Carnival Game, Chris Christie Nails It In One Shot


President Barack Obama’s second trip to the Jersey Shore to survey the post-Hurricane Sandy recovery has been getting a lot of coverage from a mainstream media infatuated with his “Odd Couple-like” relationship with Gov. Chris Christie.

On Tuesday, they stopped by the “Touchdown Fever” carnival game – where you try to throw the football through the hole to win a prize. Obama was 0-for-5 in his passes. The portly Christie nailed it in one shot.

The prize bear (literally a teddy bear with a Bears jersey) went to Obama anyway. That’s cute, I usually have to do it to win the Bears prize for my girlfriend, too.

Kidding! I’m kidding!

But some far-right pundits are miserable over the fact that Christie is looking so “chummy” with Obama in front of cameras. I guess they feel that Democrats and Republicans are at war and therefore should never even been seen in the same room with each other. Some have even gone so far as to claim Christie “isn’t a real Republican.”

Well, that comes as news to the governor’s constituents in New Jersey. Christie is up for re-election in November. Not only is his latest approval rating north of 70% among both men and women, but the latest polls show him clobbering his Democratic opponent – State Sen. Barbara Buono – by consistently garnering an average 60% of the vote.

As governor of New Jersey, his top priority is the constituents of his state. According to the numbers, he has the second highest approval rating of all 50 governors in the nation.

Touchdown indeed.

If the far right pundits care more about holding the president and his party accountable for policy and political decisions, there are plenty of other Republicans in Washington for that. So let the Jersey boy do his job!