15 Ways to Make a Fashion Statement This Summer


Do you have a certain flare for the odd? Do you like Harry Potter and George Costanza? Do you find yourself tired of wearing the same old boring crap day-in and day-out? Well luckily for you there is this wonderful thing called the Internet. We've scoured it looking for some of the most unique summer clothing, accessories and whathaveyous. Here are 15 things sure to dazzle and delight all of your sartorial-minded friends and foes alike. 

1. The George Costanza Dress

Much has been said about this dress and some of the other amazing dresses by EBPearce. You can now actually order this dress, just in time for summer.

2. Pug Face T-Shirt

Cooler than the mountain 3-wolf moon shirt any day of the week. 

3. Shark Hat

Guaranteed to keep sharks away at the beach. They will think you are already being eaten by another shark. It's foolproof.

4. One Swimsuit to Rule Them All, and In the Water Bind Them

Get this suit to Mordor and throw it into Mount Doom. 

5. Fink Mfg. Bioshock Infinite T-Shirt

Show everyone how proud you are to be a worker for Fink, and make sure you have your vigors handy. 

6. The Cat's Meow Tights

Everyone knows summer can be chilly, but these are perfect adornments to any summer outfit. 

7. Cleaver Purse

This seems like a great way to avoid unwanted social interaction this summer vacation.

8. For the Serious BBQ'er

Sure, you like to BBQ, but just how serious about it are you. Serious enough for this tactical vest?

9. Nothing but an 8-bit thang.

#8bitforlyfe Seriously, if you plan on presenting anything at work this summer, do so wearing this tie. 

10. Watermelon Socks Good Enough to Eat

You can't actually eat these socks, but you can keep your feet toasty with these watermelon themed delights. 

11. 70s Hairy Chest Shirt

What else would you want to wear at the beach? 

12. Pixelated Glasses

"I'm sorry, I was having trouble seeing you over through how awesome I am." They have sunglasses too. 

13. Gluttony Pants

When the summer BBQ gets out of control, your pants can give you a little extra breathing room. 

14. Portal 2 Socks

Another innovation from Aperture labs.

15. Light Up the Night

Probably the best addition to any summer evening bike ride. You can customize these displays with upwards of 250 images. Yes.