8 Ways to Tell a Brit From An American


While the United States may have been founded by colonists from Great Britain, in the 230 odd years since then, the cultures of our two peoples have diverged greatly. We may still speak the same language, which is debatable, but let's consider some of the differences that make each group uniquely awesome. Use the comment box to keep the list going.

1. Conservation

Not to knock my fellow countrymen, but we are way beyond on implementing energy consumption conservation practices in the U.S. when compared to our U.K. counterparts. Power outlets in the U.K. have switches to turn them on to reduce energy waste; we have a hard time with turning off lights when we leave a room. Many Americans are doing their part to help the planet but too many are like the children in this parody cartoon.

2. Language

Whether we Americans have butchered the language or Brits just haven't changed with the times, the English we speak as a "common" language is anything but. For example, fanny is a perfectly acceptable word on one side of the pond, not so much on the other.

3. Vacation

Workers in the U.K. are guaranteed 28 paid vacation days by their government. Do you know how many Americans are guaranteed? None.

4. Humor

I could give you examples of the different senses of humor on the opposite sides of the Atlantic, but I'll just let Ricky Gervais do it. He's an expert.

5. Healthcare

Brits can take advantage of free medical care through the U.K. National Healthcare System. Americans can't even agree on whether our main healthcare legislation is law or not.

6. Personality

Things often become cliches because they are based on a kernel of truth. Not every Brit and American will adhere to personality standards, but typically there are several personality traits that set us apart. Americans are assertive and boastful. Brits are reserved and stoic. But alcohol brings us together no matter our personalities.

7. Tipping

Whether it be to the cab driver that picks you up at the airport or the waitress that brings you dinner, Americans consider tipping to be practically compulsory. Workers in the U.K. are paid a minimum wages regardless of whether they get tips or not so Brits typically consider tipping to not be necessary.

8. Toast

Americans eat toast for breakfast, or when we're sick and that's the only thing we can keep down. Toast for Brits is not only a breakfast food but also a snack food.