7 GIFs That Perfectly Show How Underclassmen Feel About Graduation


Graduation is a wonderful time to reflect on all of the challenges you have overcome in order to obtain your diploma. Your family cheers for you, your friends cry, and you can't help but be overwhelmed by the fact that you made it.

That might be how the graduate feels, but what about those of us who aren't going anywhere for a year or more? Here are seven GIFs that explain how underclassmen feel about graduation.

1. Annoyed.

This is how we feel when construction workers start building the graduation stage and setting up chairs in the convenient paths to classes, forcing us to take the long way EVERYWHERE.

2. Stressed Out.

Because when we think graduation, we think high unemployment rate for recent college grads. Not to mention, we haven't done enough internships!

3. Yeah, right.

When the administration finally repaints things that have needed repainting all year, and the dining hall serves the most delicious food ever ... all in an effort to impress parents. Seriously, how much green stuff are you going to spray on the grass? Then when you see your senior friend's parents, you can smile at them like, "Suuuure, it's been like this all year."

4. Denial.

People always told us that college years would fly by, but we don't believe that, until ...

5. You're Done With Your Last Final and You're Like, Woah, the Year's Over Already!

Was the person who told me that psychic or something? Mind blown.

6. Proud.

Of course we tear up when our senior friends graduate. Wow, just think, that will be you one day.

7. Wait, But That Means College Will Be Over!

You feel a twinge of sadness at the thought of not being in college anymore before you realize that that's awesome (and you have to do a little dance).