Hillary Clinton 2016: Major Fundraisers Sign Onto "Ready For Hillary" Super PAC


There are few words that the Beltway likes to link more than "Clinton" and "2016." The prospect of a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run is enough to cast you in utter excitement or abject despair if you are a supporter of either the Democratic or Republican Party respectively. But those hoping that Hillary Clinton would run got a boost as several major fundraisers joined a Hillary 2016 Super Political Action Committee.

Speculation about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's plans for the future after President Barack Obama ceases to be president has become a sport among political junkies who attempt to divine every move in order to determine Clinton's future. But this move by fundraisers indicates that while there may be no direct indication from Clinton herself, many are gearing up to make any possible transition as smooth as possible.

The major fundraisers haven't started actively fundraising yet, but they lent out their names and, more importantly, their contact lists to the super PAC Ready for Hillary. The three fundraisers are Susan Tompkins Bell, the co-founder of Esprit, and Steve and Amber Mostyn, Houston trial lawyers.

The three were announced as founding members of the Ready for Hillary national finance council. Bell was a key Clinton supporter in 2008. Steve Mostyn donated $3 million to a pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA, in 2012. The Mostyns collectively gave $1 million to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords's gun control group, Americans for Responsible Solutions.

Ready for Hillary was started earlier this year by Clinton supporters to urge Clinton to run for president in 2016. They have focused on building a grassroots coalition on her behalf in order to show that amount of support she came count on if she decides to enter the race.

Clinton herself has given very few signs to her future plans regard a potential run. She has signed a book deal with publisher Simon & Schulster for a yet-untitled book about her time as Secretary of State but beyond that, there has been little beyond giving several speeches.

Even loyal Clintonland insiders have little knowledge of Clinton's plans. Political strategist James Carville, a longtime advisor to Bill and Hilary Clinton, has said that he does not know what Clinton's plans are. But he has lent his support to Ready for Hillary, one of the first high profile names to lend his support to the Super PAC's effort.

Considering we are barely half a year removed from the 2012 election, political forecasting may make as much sense as attempting to read oracle bones to divine the future. Although one can point to polls that show Clinton in the lead for states such Iowa in a 2016 matchup (beating all GOP contenders by at least 4 points), 2 and half years is a long time in politics. Many things can change for better or worse in a politician's lifetime.

The only one who may possibly know if Clinton 2016 has a chance of happening is Hillary Clinton herself. But even if she decides yes or no at the last minute, it will not stop the rash of hopefuls attempting to ease the transition from private figure back to political fighter. Bandwagons are popular for a reason, after all.