This High School Student Built a Fully Functional Submarine


The impressive streak of high school students doing amazing things continues with Justin Beckerman from Mendham High School in New Jersey. At just 18, Justin decided to build his own fully functional one-man submarine. 

At age 12, Justin build a homemade robot that could mop and vacuum (sorry, Roomba). In sixth grade, he built his teacher a homemade quiet/applause sign. Over the past few years his designs have become more intricate, building a remote-control car with airsoft gun. All of these, however, are dwarfed by this homemade submarine that was built for just $1,000. 



The Star-Ledger interviewed the boy-wonder about what sparked his interest in submersible machines. He gave a rather simple response, it combined his two loves of water and making things. The sub comes equipped with a TV screen and CB radio which allows people to see what is happening at the surface. Justin built the submarine out of regulators and valves from an old soda machine, a strobe light, corrugated drain pipe and ballast tanks. 

Check out video of the submarine in action along via theStar-Ledger:

Just awesome.  

Having just turned 18, this junior in high school clearly has an incredibly bright future ahead of him. How does he do it? Justin’s neighbors say that the word “can’t” just isn’t in his vocabulary. He keeps trying until he figures out a way. A valuable bit of advice we could certainly all benefit from.