Texas and Oklahoma Tornadoes: Path Winds Right Through Densely Populated Cities


The Weather Channel is forecasting that "severe thunderstorms and locally heavy rainfall will target parts of the Plains and Midwest" during the latter half of this week, with tornadoes and flash flooding both possible. This latest severe weather warning comes just nine days after a deadly EF5 category tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 people, injuring over 300, and reportedly leaving behind enough debris to create a pile 1.7 miles high if piled up. Severe flooding in San Antonio following torrential rain over the weekend also left three people dead, and many more had to be rescued from their homes or cars.

According to the Weather Channel, an outbreak of severe storms and tornadoes is possible today "from central Texas and Oklahoma to the northern Plains and Upper Mississippi Valley."

Image credit: The Weather Channel

The greatest threat of tornadoes is reportedly from "western/central Kansas to western/central Oklahoma and northwest Texas." A separate set of severe storms may also move from New York and northern Pennsylvania into New England, possibly bringing "damaging wind gusts, large hail and perhaps a tornado or two."

On Thursday, the threat of severe storms with "large hail, damaging wind gusts and tornadoes will continue a bit farther to the east from north Texas and Oklahoma to the Upper Mississippi Valley and western Great Lakes."

Image credit: The Weather Channel

The severe weather threat is forecast to continue on Friday, with the area from Oklahoma to Wisconsin and Illinois potentially in the firing line.

Image credit: The Weather Channel

The severe weather is set to die down over the weekend, although some isolated severe thunderstorms are still forecast. You can get the latest updates on the weather here, and take a look at the Weather Channel's TOR:CON index here to see the risk of a tornado in your area.

Hopefully the weather will not be as severe as predicted, or if it is, that any damage is limited. Stay safe everyone!