Beyonce Butt Slap: Germany Concert Attendee Smacks Singer's Rear End At Show

So the inevitable just happened: a front row concert goer touched Beyonce's butt. Beyonce, ever fearsome yet ladylike, told the grabby man that he would be escorted out of the venue immediately. 

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Beyonce is one to flaunt her ample back-side, but no amount of booty shaking is an invitation to touch. On her tours, the curvy icon is known to gyrate the hips and 'twerk' about gleefully. A YouTube search will yield a number of selections to prove this claim. Men and women alike can be heard screaming for joy as she thrusts her way through a musical interlude in venues all over the world. The aforementioned incident happened in Germany, where, apparently, the meanings of a few of her songs were lost in translation.

Perhaps her most prominent booty-centric song is "Check Up On It" featuring Bun B and Slim Thug. In that chart-topper, Beyonce tells the listener, "But, just don't grab it. If you not gon' grab it/I'm'a let you have it." I guess that concert goer missed on more than just Beyonce's encore.