Adam Levine Hates America: Why He Kind Of Has a Point


In a surprising turn of events, two of the best artists from Team Adam Levine were eliminated on The Voice earlier this week. Sarah Simmons, the bluesy rock singer, and Judith Hill, the crazy-haired former backup singer for Michael Jackson, were sent packing. Knowing at least one of them was about to go home, Adam Levine mumbled “I hate this country” under his breath, a comment he later called a joke on Twitter. But seriously, what are we doing trusting the people of this country to pick the next top artist if they kick off all the good ones?

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the experienced music biz moguls and A-List artists to choose the next person to navigate the music business and get on the A-List? The “voting”process advances the mediocre while shunning the talented, (ahem, Amanda Brown from last season). And this leaves us wondering why the competition is left up to fickle teens in Minnesota — who, let’s face it, make up the bulk of The Voice voting community. How else can we explain how long Josiah Hawley lasted?

Besides tweens, the other voters are the only remaining Americans who watch shows live. And we shouldn’t trust people without DVR to choose our entertainment.

Hence, the coaches should choose the winner. Since said coaches want unique artists to win and since their money and reputation is at stake, they are taking it more seriously then sending a text to 866-VOICE-06. And they definitely wouldn’t pick the least offensive and most familiar sounding artist, as the voters tend to do.

So coaches, leave America out of this and you guys pick the winner. Maybe then he or she will have a better chance of “making it” than the unmemorable champions of seasons past.