Julia Gillard Sandwich Video: Australian Prime Minster Attacked by Sandwich


Julia Gillard, Australian prime minister, has been the target of some tasty insults thrown her way. Literally. For the second time this month, a sandwich has been pegged at her.

Prime Minister Gillard was making an appearance at Lyneham High School in the capital city of Canberra when an unknown jokester/political activist made an attempt at drawing first blood (er, ketchup) in a food fight with a salami-and-white-bread sandwich. Gillard shook off this second incident with even less concern than the first. The first sandwich thrower earlier this month was Kyle Thomson, 16, who claimed that someone hit the Vegemite-filled bread slices out of his hand. The prime minister jokingly claimed that Thomson would not receive a pardon for his suspension. Whoever committed the second attempt at assassinating the active PM with foodstuffs was probably following suit, or was trying to join a "club sandwich," so to speak.

For additional hilarious video material featuring Prime Minister Gillard, look no further than her epic harangue at Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbot during Australian Parliamentary proceedings. In this 15-minute opus, she diatribes at Abbot over accusations of sexism across party lines, to the delight of her party, and with the righteous anger that every female political figurehead should have in storage.