5 Summer Music Hits You Have to Hear, Straight From North Korea?


If you are looking for some hot summer tunes to blast in your car or ear phones, well look no further. North Korea has a new girl band that is brimming with state-mandated bubbly personas sure to make you dance in your seat.

Meet the ladies of the Moranbong Music Band. With hits like, “Let’s Study!” and “Our Dear Leader” it’s hard to imagine how this band hasn’t made it to the shores of North America yet.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un is perhaps attempting to capitalize on the amazing success of all-girl bands like, Girls Generation2NE1, and the Wondergirls. The K-Pop industry produces some of the most highly stylized, coregraphed boy and girl ensembles.

Above: The South Korean nine member group "Girls Generation" via blogspot

The ending result, however, is a giant money making machine. The industry has a well-known dark side, partiuclarly noteable in the treatment of its young stars. 

Still, Kim Jong-Un knows a lucrative opportunity when he sees one. Dr. Tim Stanley writing for the Telegraph alerted me to this new venture into all-girl band pop music. In his article he says that Kim Jong-Un has expressed support for the all-girl band and regularly praises the leader of the band. In fact, he holds her up as an archetype for the new North Korean female, a kind of "revolutionized mother."

The DPRKMusicChannel has over 1,000 videos uploaded to their YouTube channel. Here's a look at some of the best "pop" North Korea has to offer. 

1. Let's Study by Moranbong

Can you even imagine a better way to kick off the summer than by pumping out "Let's Study" through your speakers? Because I sure can't. 

2. Song of the Martyrs of the Korean War by Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble Instrumental

Whoa, slow down DPRK. You can't just drop the bass like that. Who could forget this hit which blends the synth sounds of the 1980s with the dictatorship sounds of the 21st century. An instant classic. 

3. Flashdance performed by North Korea Wangjaesan Troupe

Nothing says "Happy Juche Party" like a tribute to the classic 1983 film starring Jennifer Beals as a down and out welder with dreams of dance and fame. 

4. Aloha Oe (Goombay Dance Band) - Wangjaesan Dancers

The production, the sound quality, the vistas. When I'm watching this video I can't tell if I'm still in Chicago or if I've been transported to the tropical island of my dreams. Be sure to play this video at any themed summer party, your friends will thank you!

5. Following the Party to the End - Moranbong Band

What better way is there to close out your summer playlist than this rousing uplifting tune called, "Following the Party to the End"? Your friends will surely ask you put this one on repeat.