IRS Scandal: Colorado Students Get Punk'd On IRS Scandal


Students at the University of Colorado Boulder signed a fake thank-you card to the IRS actually congratulating the embattled agency for its political profiling and targeting of conservative groups.

According to The College Fix, Republican prankster Caleb Bonham is behind the hilariously ironic stunt. As seen in the image, and video below, the giant card has the words "THANK YOU IRS" and "TEA PARTY DESERVE IT" (sic) written on it. There's also an image of President Obama giving the thumbs-up.

"We're sending a giant thank-you letter to the IRS thanking them for targeting the tea party conservative groups," Bonham explains to his victims. "Sure," says a dude. "Yes, because I think it's a fake scandal and I think it makes sense to prosecute the 501(c)(3)s, or whatever it is," says another.

Watch the video below where, among other gems, Bonham gets a guy wearing a San Francisco Giants shirt to say, "I love discrimination."

On a more serious note, Bonham nails it, "this really demonstrates the need for limited government and conservative principles. Government using its enforcement arm to target groups. That is tyranny. If students don't recognize it, then we are in a lot of trouble."

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