12 Reasons to Avoid This Summer Trend


The big trend for this summer would appear to be "America." Despite being warned, this 2013 summer would appear to be headed towards a full-fledged freedom-fueled flag fashion meltdown. I spend a lot of time perusing the Internet to locate trends and everywhere website I went visited, there was some sort of American flag article of clothing. I felt like I was in some kind of freedom nightmare from whence there was no escape. In America, you may not always be able to burn a flag, but you can sure as hell wear one. If you feel compelled to participate in this summer pseudo-hipster-ironic trend, than by all means do so, but not like this. Never like this.

1. Worse Than Crocs

Hallo. This Dutch-inspired clog is a disaster of patriotic proportions. 

2. American Thigh

Does one wear a neutral with flag leggings or what?

3. Awash in America

I really love your jorts

4. Evel Knievels's Even More Evil Twin Sister

Rev-up your engine to nowhere, because you won't ever actually leave the house wearing this crap.

5. American Thigh Part II

Revenge of the stripes.

6. We Call This Supporting Freedom

'nuff said.

7. But Is It Enough?

Why not go the full monty and pair those pants with a nice American flag button down or polo? 

8. 2 Things Every American Can Agree On

A patriotic tie-dye and Coca-Cola beverage. 

9. 'Old Glory' Up-Cycled, Now With Less Glory

Finally, something made out of an actual flag. 

10. For Your Bruce-Springsteen Inspired Summer Bash

You can pay tribute to two great American icons, the flag and the Boss. There's no losing, no downside with this one folks. 

11. Calling It Vintage Doesn't Help

Just because you call it "reclaimed" doesn't mean it isn't ugly. 

12. When Wearing the Flag Just Isn't Enough

Stick these puppies on your fingernails and let freedom ring.