7 Terrible Movies That Are Actually Amazing


We all have our vices. Some smoke cigarettes, others max out credit cards, and I ... watch extremely idiotic, poorly reviewed movies. 

When you have to be serious all the time and throw yourself into work/something equally grown-up, you need to block out a certain window of each day to be silly. I do this with horrendous films that are so awful they're brilliant, or simply underrated/misunderstood. Here are some of my favorite "bad" movies, which will get some laughs out of you if you just give them a chance.

1. Bad Teacher

This 2011 comedy received atrocious reviews, and for good reason, I suppose: Cameron Diaz portrays a disengaged, totally uninterested middle school teacher who laments having to return to work after her wealthy fiance leaves her. The instructor steals money, makes rude comments to her students, refuses to do her job, and is only driven by one thing: plastic surgery.

Critics argued there's nothing to like about Diaz's anti-hero character, who falls for a shallow but wealthy substitute (portrayed by real life ex-flame Justin Timberlake) when she should really admire the funny P.E. teacher (played by the incomparable Jason Segel), but I still found myself rooting for her throughout the film, especially as she deals with obnoxious colleague Amy Squirrel. There are some definite high points in this movie, namely involving hapless school reject Garrett Tiara who makes the egregious mistake of crushing on the most popular girl in his grade. Plus, Molly Shannon makes a cameo, and who wouldn't love that?!

2. White Chicks

Sorry I'm not sorry.

3. Troll 2

Anything that inspires a film titled Best Worst Movie is absolutely worth seeing.

4. Good Burger

Does this really warrant an explanation? Here's one you'll understand after watching this clip: "CHICKENS DON'T MOO!" 

5. From Justin to Kelly

Because if any reality series deserves a movie, it's American Idol. Would you rather have a Jersey Shore flick? Thought so.

6. Spring Breakers

Girls go on spring break and become total psychopaths. The premise of this film is so absurd and ridiculous that it's impossible not to appreciate.

7. Hot Tub Time Machine

What? The movie title alone isn't convincing enough?