Immigration Reform 2013: Bill Hurts U.S. to Benefit Greedy Politicians


Have you read the proposed Immigration Reform bill? This “reform” is our current failed immigration policy on steroids. The 844-page bill eerily resembles a Dan Brown novel, with its documented evidence of corruption by trusted officials.

What Are the Provisions in the Bill?

Here are a few sample provisions this bill promises to provide:

-Temporary legal status AND a path to full citizenship for illegals who entered the U.S. prior to December 31, 2011. No word on whether illegals will also receive an official letter of thanks from the federal government for breaking our laws.

-Requires business owners in the U.S. to check the immigration status of new employees within five years. Businesses that hire illegal immigrants are a huge part of the problem. They would not come if there was nothing for them here. By offering them a job, under-the-table wages, and some form of security, these businesses create and worsen the problem. Brief reality check: U.S. businesses have already had 16 years to implement eVerify, the free program used to check immigration status.

-Requires 90% of people attempting to illegally cross the border to be turned back. The other 10% are still welcome to come.

-An increased number of visas for immigrants to fill low-skill jobs. These are “the jobs Americans don’t want” – or the jobs Americans no longer want — since cheap immigrant labor undercuts American wages.

-An increased number of visas for immigrants to fill high-skill jobs. These are the jobs Americans aren’t qualified to fill. That’s a whole separate topic.

-Reduced number of visas for relatives of U.S. citizens.This is the carrot on the stick for those who are dismayed that immigration “reform” consists almost entirely of giveaways to those who broke our laws to come to the U.S.

Why Immigration Reform will Hurt the U.S.

All these proposals are aimed at a targeted increase in immigration. Yet our current immigration rates are not even sustainable. Since 1946, the U.S. population has more than doubled:

U.S. pop 1946: 141,388,566

Unemployment, underemployment, and declining wages are at an all-time high.  Our mediocre economic outlook does not provide enough jobs for those who are here, let alone for citizens of other countries. Escalating domestic terrorism (e.g., the Boston Marathon bombings) indicates people with evil intent have been granted citizenship. Until we learn how that happened, the floodgates must be closed.

How Can Immigration Be Positively Reformed?

There are some easy, low-cost provisions that would almost eradicate the entire problem:

1. Heavy fines and jail time for U.S. employers who knowingly hire illegals or do not check immigration status within six months. If the jobs dry up, illegal immigrants will seek greener pastures.

2. End “sanctuary cities”. Sanctuary cities are municipalities that protect illegal immigrants by refusing to allow basic law enforcement with regard to immigration status. Some well-known sanctuary cities: D.C., NYC, L.A., Detroit, and Baltimore.

3. All new U.S. citizens must meet outstanding criteria. That could include a record of civic involvement, high grades, etc.

4. End birthright citizenship.  At least one parent should have to be a U.S. citizen for the child to be a natural citizen.

5. Vote out people in the federal government who support this bill. Immigration Reform is the brainchild of a group calling themselves the Gang of Eight, which consists of four Democrats and four Republicans. The Gang of Eight proves both parties are committed to a selfish agenda at Americans’ expense. These men aren’t a gang of anything, since they fall neatly in line with their peers on both sides of the aisle:




Vote him out in:

Lindsey Graham


Republican, votes with party 86% of the time


Dick Durbin


Democratic, votes with party 97% of the time


John McCain


Republican, votes with party 88% of the time


Marco Rubio


Republican, votes with party 86% of the time


Charles Schumer


Democratic, votes with party 96% of the time


Michael Bennet


Democratic, votes with party 92% of the time


Robert Menendez


Democratic, votes with party 96% of the time


Jeff Flake


Republican, votes with party 92% of the time



This sell out goes all the way to the top. President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden met with seven illegal immigrants at the White House Wednesday to listen to their complaints about American immigration law. Huffington Post, the liberal internet rag, ran a sympathetic story about how Obama and Biden encouraged these “undocumented residents” (politically correct term for illegal immigrants) to speak out. Interviewees were brought to the country at a young age by parents, some of whom are now facing deportation proceedings. Obama has widely been perceived as sympathetic to illegals, having already awarded legal status to thousands brought to the U.S. illegally as children through Executive Order before last year’s election (i.e., the Dreamer legislation).

According to the article, the president “pledged his support, and promised those in the meeting that he won’t stop trying [to help illegal immigrants gain legal status].” The impeachment drums are beating for Obama, so it could be that Biden’s views are really of more consequence.

In any case, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Originally published at Lost in the Garden