40 Reasons Heidi Klum is Awesome


In honor of Heidi Klum's 40th birthday today, here's 40 reasons why she is pretty much the best ever. Happy 40th, Heidi! We love you!

1. Forget triple threat. Heidi literally does everything: acting, modeling, singing, TV hosting, business managing, fashion designing, AND producing.

2. She was the first German woman to become a Victoria's Secret Angel and has since hosted four Victoria's Secret fashion shows.

3. She has a Peabody Award and 4 Emmy nominations for her work on 'Project Runway.'

4. She became Barbie's official ambassador on Barbie's 50th anniversary.

5. She's the second highest-earning model in the world, making $20 million a year.

6. She has been featured on literally countless magazine covers, from 'Vogue' to 'Ocean Drive.'

7. She has played villains in James Bond video games.

8. She has been a muse for famous body painting artist Joanne Gair for years.

9. Her accent is fantastic.

10. She's not afraid to look ridiculous, especially if it's at the request of Ellen DeGeneres.

11. She has the best Halloween costumes ever.

12. No, seriously.

13. Are you looking at these?

14. The woman really knows how to celebrate this holiday.

15. One more, just because.

16. She has four adorable kids and spends as much time with them as possible.

17. When she designed and launched a jewelry collection, most of it sold out within 45 minutes.

18. She has an absolutely gorgeous rose named after her.

19. The proceeds from her debut single went to a charity for children in her hometown.

20. She got into modeling completely by accident by winning a competition that her friend made her join as a joke.

21. She posed for a nude photo book, and then named it Heidilicious.

22. Her alter-ego is a crime-fighting model called 'The Kluminator.'

23. She got engaged on a glacier.

24. She volunteers at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles and even led a community 5K to raise funds for the hospital.

25. After her show was recently crashed by topless FEMEN protestors, she calmly took it in stride and simply said, "I just saw boobies."

26. She shops at Whole Foods just like you.

27. When she was married to Seal, they would renew their vows every year with friends and family.

28. She knows how to yodel (and taught Bradley Cooper, too).

29. She single-handedly saved her son and his nanny from drowning in a riptide.

30. She grew up in a middle-class household and worked at a perfume-bottling plant in her teens.

31. She has her very own "Got Milk?" ad.

32. Her legs are insured for $2 million.

33. She paid tribute to the rescue dogs of 9/11 in her sculpture "Dog With Butterflies."

34. She keeps her baby teeth in a little bag as a lucky charm.

35. She has nicknamed her breasts "Hans" and "Franz."

36. She's good friends with Tyra Banks, who has given her personal and professional advice over the years.

37. She was voted Woman of the Year in 2003 by UK GQ.

38. She kisses robots.

39. She's known as a good selfie-taker.

40. She's proud of turning 40 ("It means I'm still here, having a good time!") and she's celebrating it with a fancy-hat party.