5 Ways to Read More, Even if You’re a Busy Millennial


I get it: all you fabulous millennials are busy saving the world, so who has time to read these days?

You might not see Tony Stark with his feet propped up wiling away the hours with a Tolstoy novel, but guess what? That doesn’t mean you get to skimp on giving your brain the stimulation it needs. Your mind needs to be in top shape in order to keep fighting crime, so the lame excuse “I don’t have time” doesn’t fly. So this summer, make it a point to read at least six books. I know you can do it!

1. Commuting time is your friend

If you have a job, then most likely you commute at least half an hour to work. That’s an hour a day you could spend with your nose buried in a book or pressed against a Kindle. You’ll make your commute fly by and get through your book in no time.

2. Read before bedtime

My second grade teacher told us to read at least 20 minutes before bedtime. Sixteen years later, I find her words of wisdom are still relevant.  If you’re a busy and stressed millennial, then reading before bedtime will help relax you and you’ll make some progress on that novel.

3. Set goals

The vague January 1 resolution “I’d like to read more” is not going to cut it.  Set a number of books you want to read in a year. Aim for at least 12.  To make it easier, structure your books around a theme. For example, I made a commitment to read books penned by female writers. Once you’ve got your reading goals set, make sure you actually read them.

4. Read something you WANT to read

You’re not in college any more. You don’t have to plow through dense academic theory (unless, of course, that’s your thing). Reading for pleasure will go way quicker than reading for a class.

5. Take advantage of peer pressure

The act of reading is solitary, but the reading experience doesn’t have to be. Get a group of friends together around a book or find an online forum that is reading the same book as you, and talk about it! It’s a great way to make new friends and to hold yourself accountable.