Student Replaces Cheerleader's Name in Yearbook to "Ugly Hoe"


It’s that time of year. Yearbook time. Everyone knows that as soon as yearbooks are passed out, the unofficial end of the school year has commenced. Classrooms are relegated to a pen passing melee as students try to fill up the blank pages in an effort to codify the existence of their friendships.

That cherished right of passage between the end of school and beginning of summer has been put on hold for students of the Irving Independent School District.  

Yes, instead of the students name appearing underneath the group photo of the school’s cheerleading team, the term “Ugly Hoe” appeared instead.

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The remark was caught after only about a dozen yearbooks were handed out and the rest were recalled. Both students and administrators review the yearbook before it is finished for print, meaning that someone went in there and altered the final document after this occurred. School officials believe whoever did this will be caught and disciplined. Though I would also encourage the school to give that student a much needed lesson about the difference between ho's and hoe's. 

Unless, this ugly hoe is really to blame. 

or perhaps this one:

This rather pathetic attempt at bullying the young cheerleader will hopefully be seen as such, and soon we will be able to get back to reporting things that really matter; like cats who fax