4 Professor Arrests That Make Your Most Eccentric Teachers Seem Normal


Professors are supposed to be guides and mentors, but they're people, too. Which means that sometimes, they can go a little crazy.

A former New York University professor was arrested Friday for bizarrely and terrifyingly harassing people in Brooklyn. He first approached a man walking his dog, picked up the dog, and began asking it profanity-laced questions. He then told a woman passer-by that he needed to go to the hospital because he'd been drinking a lot of blood and, before she could respond, dumped red liquid on her head. It turned out to be juice and not blood, thankfully, but people called 911 and the ex-professor was arrested.

Here are some more stories of professors going off the deep end:


1. Oregon Law Professor Tells Students to Start War and Steals Cell Phone

A University of Oregon law professor took issue with students' pro-immigration rally, so he decided the best way to handle the situation was to confront them directly. He walked up to a few Hispanic students and told them that the Mayans and Incans "kept slaves ... so you're no f***ing morally better than I am." He then addressed the entire group, telling them that to make a difference they needed "a lot of people to do something and get hurt." His suggestion? Start a war. Still not done, he began shoving students physically and stole one girl's cell phone because he saw her taking a video. Needless to say, he was arrested and fired.

2. NYU Prof Peeping On Women in Dressing Rooms

Apparently, NYU has a history of crazy professors. One of their Art History professors was arrested for slipping his iPhone (hidden in a shoe) under dressing room doors to make videos of women undressing. When he was finally caught by a store employee who was alerted by a shopper, he tried to claim that he was somehow recording himself "for a project," but after he was arrested and detained, he admitted to recording women unknowingly.

3. UNK Professor Distributes Child Pornography

One of the psychology professors at University of Nebraska was the subject of an extended cyber-crimes investigation, which eventaully arrested the professor for over 20,000 images of child pornography on his computer, as well as distribution of said images. What's worse is the professor also worked with the community's children in education workshops. The bizarreness here isn't just the professor's actions (which may be better described as disgusting), but how the university overlooked this years-long side hobby in their background checks.

4. British Music Professor's Arrest Reveals Ring Of Sex Offenders At Music Academies

A professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Britain was arrested in May for the sexual assault of a 21-year-old student that happened back in 1994. In March, another professor at a famous British music school was also arrested for a sexual assault of a minor that happened over 30 years ago and who committed suicide after the attack. These two arrests have led to the speaking-out of over 30 other former students who claim to have been sexually assaulted in their time at music academies in Britain, leading police to start an ongoing investigation into a ring of alleged sex offenders made up of music professors and private music tutors.