Immigration Reform 2013: London Is No Longer British


—Waves of immigrants are coming into Britain that have nothing in common with British values, and are hell-bent on imposing their way of life on the general populace. For the United Kingdom to survive, it is imperative that immigration controls be introduced on people from all countries. Hence it is imperative that the British both leave the European Union, and force immigrants already in Britain to assimilate, or leave.

At the present, only 45% of those living in London are white Britons. While diversity that is controlled can be welcoming, uncontrolled immigration brings about a multicultural society that is a threat to the indigenous population. What we are seeing is white flight, and a ghettoization of immigrants who care not for being British. One only needs to look at East London, where crime has skyrocketed out of control. Whether it be the the Roma or the Islamists, it's clear that overall, these groups have little to no regard for British laws as they run amok destroying British society, and imposing fear on the local population.

This has in turn made life far more difficult for those immigrants who assimilated, or at least integrated into British culture. They look at their brethren that run forth an destroy Western civilization with shock and fear. The blame lies on them as well if they do not resist those who have no regard for the British legal system. Unfortunately, the main culprit is not one from outside of Britain. It resides in Westminster, and is known as the House of Commons. They have ceded all immigration controls on European nations by allowing their sovereignty to be stripped by the European Union, have done little to nothing to stop the crime wave, and Sharia courts are spreading like wildfire in London. As of 2009, more than 85 Sharia courts were in England, with the majority in London, which is seeing a divide between the indigenous population, and many of the immigrants. With multiculturalism failing in the UK, primarily due to Islamism, some people (including the Mayor of London) are beginning to worry that London will no longer be recognizable as a British city, thanks to radical Islamists.

With many immigrants resorting to Islamism and thievery, it is more than evident that Britain must leave the EU so that it can introduce immigration controls on EU countries, and properly control immigration from all foreign lands. Only then will Britain be free and independent once more.